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The Association of Latvians in Sweden (Zviedrijas Latviešu Apvienība, ZLA) is the central unifying organization of all Latvians in Sweden. The main aim of the ZLA is to help Latvians retain their Latvian identity, language and culture even though they are living abroad.

It is a democratically structured organization and cooperates with Latvians and Latvian institutions both within Latvia and in other countries in order to strengthen a free, just, honest, democratic, civil society in Latvia. The Association also cooperates with other Baltic organizations in Sweden.

The ZLA works in eight regionally defined sections covering all of Sweden: Southern Sweden, Gothenburg, Örebro, Uppsala, Northern Sweden, and Stockholm.

Contact us

The Association of Latvians in Sweden
(Zviedrijas Latviešu Apvienība, ZLA) 
Wallingatan 34
111 24 Stockholm

e-mail info@zla.se

Plus Giro account: 250833-1 Letternas Riksförbund


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Zviedrijas Latviešu Apvienībai